Thursday, September 9

My first big-time runway show! :)

Below is some media coverage from the show last night (I was in St. Louis Fashion Week!):
[Tuesday, September 7
See the top 6 Brown Shoe Project:Design! finalists, Blue Bird Denim, Cavortress, Jezebel, Kristin Archibald, Roberto Mendes and ssonn, compete on the runway to claim the title of Brown Shoe Project:Design! Winner. Click here to meet the top 6 designers. Hair by The Salon Professional Academy. Makeup by Kelly K.]

Riverfront Times:
(I'm on the homepage too as the thumbnail to view the gallery about last night!!)

Post Dispatch:

Tuesday, August 31

See me at Saint Louis Fashion Week!
Come out & see me on the runway for Bluebird Denim!!

Museum of World Religions

The Greatest Sacred Buildings

The displays of the Greatest Sacred Buildings were first exhibited in 2003, and chosen for their unique historical value and architectural features. All of the architecture models on display are constructed either thirty or fifty times smaller in scale than the actual structures they imitate. Of special interest are manually operated mini and microscopic cameras, which viewers can use to peer into the buildings’ sophisticated interior, their paintings, sculptures, and architectural structures. Through this process people can experience the architecture’s unique visual presentation and actually put themselves into the world of these sacred buildings.

Yes, I was reading Esquire Magazine (Online!)

interesting results from Esquire magazine I came across online:
36. True or false: It's okay for a woman to use her sexuality to get ahead in the workplace.
True 29% False 71%

37. True or false: It's okay for a woman to use her sexuality to get a table at a restaurant.
True 65% False 35%

What does this say about our integrity? Is it the same thing to exploit your sexuality - no matter in what manner?

Also, the same percentage of women want to do Beyonce as Rachel Maddow. And since when was Zooey D. such a phenom?

Friday, August 27

Thursday, August 26

Update on my life!

So if anyone cares - wow I haven't blogged in nearly a year! (Although I've been very busy on Facebook & forraying into Twitter) - here is an update:
Living in Kirkwood with the amazing Zach Brennecke, 2 dogs (a black lab & a pocket beagle) & our kitty(he's the black sheep, we mostly taunt him while he sulks around).
Zach is Kitchen Manager at The Wood in Maplewood (2733 Sutton by Saratoga Lanes) - great food & other than that my favorite part is the atmosphere - half lounge, half friendly neighborhood, fairly cheap bar.
I am doing lots of stuff right now - and loving it! I started doing some modeling for Miss Ohio Vintage - ( & I'm hoping to get more gigs from it! Throwback STL was a success this past Saturday & tons of fun! Also, I just finished the design for the official afterparty of LouFest! ( & will be doing promo modeling at the event this coming Sunday! Oh, and helped man the booth for them at Art in the Avenue this past Thursday, very cool new venture every third Thursday of the month in Clayton.
This week I started interning at Belas Artes Art Gallery & Multicultural Center ( - working hard on materials for upcoming exhibitions! such as CHESS: A Cross-Cultural Journey Through Time. (The first installment of a 5-part exhibition put together by Belas Artes in collaboration with Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.) Right now I am working on a large map & panels for the exhibition! It's like my dream job! :)
Currently supporting myself money-wise by still working at Hwy 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen (as bartender, server, assistant floor manager (I can do coupons in the computer. That's all the responsibility I want.) & designer). Also, I work days at Mr. B's on The Hill - GREAT food! & a really cute place - I wish the money was better because I really enjoy it!
Pretty much right now just enjoying meeting new people and finding new interesting opportunities! I also am always looking for a "stable" 9 - 5 full-time job, but right now I'm enjoying being busy and going in lots of directions! Projects in the works: new menu / logo maybe website for Mr. B's, David Meyer's(voice work genius) identity, hmmm lots of other stuff!! Let me know if YOU need anything! Photography, illustration, design, modeling! whatever! :)

Sunday, December 20

How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul

My "little" brother Brock just went to the NAIA National Football Championship in Rome, GA w/ Lindenwood University. So, of course my whole family traveled in the mini van through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee - a total of eight hours from St. Louis. During that time {mostly at night with my sister's booklights} I read Adrian Shaughnessy's How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul. Amazing book! I feel that his views on the realm of graphic designer & how we approach it is very align what I have been taught & most importantly how I feel - perhaps because this book was chosen for my senior class with Noriko. I'm glad I didn't read it then, though, because the words in it are hitting me now at a time when I really need them. I'm an underliner.. but I also like to share what I have read with people so here are some relevant tid-bits:

•Cultural awareness is vital for the modern designer, and most designers are culturally aware people. It's why designers are often witty with a sophisticated sense of humor (we shouldn't be surprised at this: designers are observers, and the best humor comes from microscopic observation).

•...designers must not let technological capabilities define their thinking

• All great work comes about when viewpoints are balanced; in other words, when both client & designer feel that they are being listened to...

• is a social activity, with social consequences.

•••more to come soon

Tuesday, August 25

I love BlondeBrownies & this makes me want to bake some!! and eat some!

Oh my Guinness!
The Art of Guiness
London's Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising joins in to celebrate Guinness' 250th anniversary with their current exhibition, "The Art of Guinness." Paying tribute to the legendary stout, the show simultaneously examines how the company remains so successful after all these years, Prominently featuring the work of John Gilroy (pictured below), whose use of zoo animals and the tagline "My Goodness, My Guinness" brought instant recognition to the beer and its advertisements, the exhibit will also include graphic designs by other commissioned artists like H.M. Bateman (pictured above) and Edward Ardizzone. From print advertisements and TV commercials to drink trays and beer coasters, the "Art of Guinness" makes for a lesson in advertising that's as fun as drinking the beer itself.
Funny thing, the Museum's web site isn't very well designed, nor is its logo.. & it is a brand museum? hmm.

Created by Swedish creative Maximilian Larsson, the recently launched Helveticons use the same design principles as the go-to eponymous font for a universal set of interface icons.

Helveticons come in a variety of formats—six of which are scalable vector graphics—including Photoshop, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, EPS, PDF and PNG. Royalty-free and comprehensive, the 245-icon collection serves as a valuable asset for its simplicity and range of essential symbols.


"Did you know Davidoff makes cigarettes?" Zach asked me and I said, yeah I saw them in Vienna & we both though it was weird the company we know from Cool Water (remember the perfume was huge when we were in middle school?) makes cigarettes. So, today I did some definitely marketing-related research on this riddle.
Here is the homepage that came up when I searched for "Davidoff Cigarettes"
According to this homepage, Zino Davidoff makes watches, leather goods, fragrances and coffee.

"It (Davidoff company) encompasses men's fragrances, ties, glasses, congac, humidors, and briefcases, but it is based upon cigars. To build a multi-million dollar business in the 20th century on a tobacco product is a truly remarkable achievement. Inspired by Zino Davidoff this companies products have become a must have for affluent men around the world."
Zino Davidoff:
"Zino Davidoff was a man with a sense for essentials, who understood enjoying the moment, and who made this enjoyment a philosophy. Since the beginning of the last century Zino Davidoff's philosophy has been recognized and greatly appreciated. It's the real things in life that make it worth living.

Zino Davidoff had a great sense of humour and a well-developed feeling for the beautiful things in life. An artist; who understood people, and respected them. Who never lost sight of his purpose; to enrich life through enjoying its good things.

Who even as a successful businessman remained true to himself and to his principles. Zino Davidoff believed in simplicity, in the complete enjoyment of life. People who knew Davidoff knew this. They came from all over the world to share his philosophy, to enjoy his finest, purest cigars. They understood what Zino Davidoff meant when he said: "Smoke less, but better and longer - make a cult of it, even a philosophy!"

Zino Davidoff (the flamboyant emigre from Kiev who made Havana cigars known around the world) passed away in 1994 at 87

Sues indian firm for using its trademark (2004):

Info from Wikipedia (take with a grain of salt.. but they had the most info on it):
•In August 2006, Imperial Tobacco acquired the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark from its owners, Tchibo Holding AG for £368 million (€540 million). Imperial Tobacco Group had been the licensee of the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark since its acquisition of Reemtsma in 2002. (Perhaps explains why just recently Davidoff cigarettes are being seen)
Article from Imperial Tobacco's website:
"As well as significantly enhancing our brand equity this acquisition provides greater flexibility to develop the brand, enabling us to increase investment and accelerate its international growth."
•The cigarette range includes the Magnum, Supreme, Classic, Mild, Lights, Magnum Lights, Slims, Ultra lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights, One and Gold.
•Rothmans, Benson & Hedges of Canada began importing Davidoff cigarettes for sale in the Canadian market in April 2007.
•The Oettinger Davidoff Group owns the worldwide Davidoff trademark for tobacco products other than cigarettes. Davidoff cigars continue to be produced in the Dominican Republic, under the direction of cigar blender Hendrik "Henke" Kelner.
Beyond tobacco products, Davidoff has expanded to include under its brand such items as pipes, and humidors.
It's just fascinating to me how much this company's products appear as separate entities to the consumer.. I could hardly believe what I thought was a perfume/cologne company decided to make cigarettes.. when come to find out, that's how it started. hmm..

"Plus size" model in Glamour

"Plus size" model in September Glamour - Lizzie Miller
"Lizzie Miller, 20 is a size 12, and in the modeling world where an 8 is considered a plus size…she looks fantastic. "
I take the advice my Dad told me, "Basically, men love women."
There is no one perfect body or perfect look.. it's great to see this "full-figured" woman in a magazine.. but at the same time amazing that she is considering "plus-size" because she has hips.. hmm.
Meet the Woman on Page 194
"Her Plus size modeling is due to her pear shape..not because she is fat, but because she has a booty and I am sure other women in her family have that too. You can't fit a booty like that in a size 4."