Saturday, July 18


I just woke up at 8:15am here & I am going to see Zach tomorrow night! I'm so excited! Here's what I'm up to today.. going to the Naschmart (outdoor market & flea market), going to see the show Sally Mann is in at the Kunsthalle, check out a few last sites I wanted to see.. ya know.. just a church, a palace, the usual. Then tonight to pack!

Friday, July 17

Back in Vienna from Venice!

hi family!

It's 1am & we just got back to Vienna from Venice... so I will call you tomorrow (Friday) mom! love you and see you in two days & one week! :) I took over 600 pictures in Venice!!! (although most of them were of art pieces...) 2 days til I'm back in St. Louis! more on Venice tomorrow! kisses!