Tuesday, August 31

See me at Saint Louis Fashion Week!

Come out & see me on the runway for Bluebird Denim!!

Museum of World Religions

The Greatest Sacred Buildings

The displays of the Greatest Sacred Buildings were first exhibited in 2003, and chosen for their unique historical value and architectural features. All of the architecture models on display are constructed either thirty or fifty times smaller in scale than the actual structures they imitate. Of special interest are manually operated mini and microscopic cameras, which viewers can use to peer into the buildings’ sophisticated interior, their paintings, sculptures, and architectural structures. Through this process people can experience the architecture’s unique visual presentation and actually put themselves into the world of these sacred buildings.


Yes, I was reading Esquire Magazine (Online!)

interesting results from Esquire magazine I came across online:
36. True or false: It's okay for a woman to use her sexuality to get ahead in the workplace.
True 29% False 71%

37. True or false: It's okay for a woman to use her sexuality to get a table at a restaurant.
True 65% False 35%

What does this say about our integrity? Is it the same thing to exploit your sexuality - no matter in what manner?

Also, the same percentage of women want to do Beyonce as Rachel Maddow. And since when was Zooey D. such a phenom?