Saturday, July 11

Leaving for Venice tomorrow morning!

Hi loved ones-

I am leaving for Venice with my class tomorrow morning at 6:23am from Vienna! yikes!
We will be returning to Vienna at 11pm Thursday, July 12. In the meantime we will be exploring Venice & attending the Venice Biennale ( if you want to check it out).

I won't have my computer with me, so you won't hear from me until Thursday. In case of Emergency, here is some contact info:

Jeff Hughes (class instructor): 447545720096
(might have to dial 011 first to get out of the states or something)

Where we are staying in Venice:
Hotel Wildner

Praterstern w/ Venice class (the dinousaur fun house!)

The Venice class had a meeting at Jeff Hughes' apartment last night & then we went to a gallery & over to Praterstern. At Praterstern we went to a South American restaurant (where I felt more at home here than I have all month! & had awesome empanadas!) & then rode the rides. Morgan, Yu & Sarah went on some crazy rides, but I just did the laying-down one again & then we went into a Dinosaur Fun House! sooo awesome!! My camera was dying, but here are the pics I got!

South American restaurant

Rebecca & Robert each got two racks of ribs!!

Hallo Wien!! ha! (in German in actually means "Hello Vienna!")
& the Risenrad! ...a famous symbol of Vienna

The gang in a fun house

watching Sarah & Annie on a spinny-ride

The Dinosaur fun house!!! soo awesome! .. the pic on the right is little moving dinosaurs that made little dinosaur noises!

Inside the fun house.. the strangest thing I have ever been in. The Trex is attacking!!

crazy ride Sarah & Yu went on...

Thursday, July 9

the most beautiful clouds I ever did see!

I left Donaufelder this evening around 8:30pm to go up to the gas station to buy some dinner & when I came out the clouds were the so eerie, unreal & beautiful that I had to take a walk to get some pictures of them! I walked up sort of North of our dorms & then East towards the river & ended up walking back along the Alte Donau & back to Kagran where an Ubahn stop is.. so I basically made one big square, but it was so beautiful & I got exercise (although it was chilly) & figured how close we really live to the river.

Across the street

Our tram stop: "Fultonstrasse"

buildings along "Donaufelder Strasse"

how gorgeous are these clouds??!?

My little church.... I don't think anyone cares about this place, but it's sooo pretty

Street on the way to Alte Donau ("Upper Danube").. the thing in the right-hand corner is a trash can

Obviously where you can walk & also put in a boat

Looking across the Alte Donau to "Kaisermuhlen, Vienna International Center" (3rd biggest UN in the world) .. the Ubahn stop we get off at to go to school

ahhh sunset looking up at the hills above Vienna

had to prove I was really there!!

I want to come swimming here! if I would get hot enough!

Wednesday, July 8

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wednesday

" The magnificent architecture creates a fitting setting for the artistic treasures assembled by the Habsburgs, for centuries enthusiastic patrons and collectors. The collections of the Kunsthistorische Museum are amongst the most important and spectacular in the world. The 16th century Kunst- und Wunderkammer (art and treasure chambers) of Archduke Ferdinand and of Emperor Rudolph II, together with the baroque collections of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm form the nucleus of the Museums magnificent collections, in which the taste and artistic preferences of these and other connoisseurs of the Imperial Familiy are still discernible today, thus conveying a sense of the Imperial glory of the art-loving Habsburg dynasty. The Museums collections range from Ancient Egyptian and Greek and Roman Antiquities to the Collections of Medieval Art to the splendid Renaissance and Baroque Collections. In all, the museum is divided into eight different collections, some of which are housed in the Hofburg and in Schönbrunn Palace. "

Egyptian stuff!!

Greek or Roman statues.. Artemis on right.
**the Egyptian, Roman & Greek stuff's captions were only in German, so I couldn't read them

Roman or Greek helmets.. Greek painted ceramics

golden pots. backlit pottery

busts. lady & then Karl Ferdinand on right

inside the museum

Jesus! .....Lot & his daughters

Adam & Eve paintings.. I love the snake on the left!

people painting in the museum

Rembrandt!!! my first ever!! one the right: "What's with this chick?!"

oh shit! It's a Raffael!!

painting of Belvedere! I've been there! & a Velezquez!!!

Looking down on the restaurant

The "coin collection" Blame Canada! this coin is apparently worth 1 million dollars & is made of gold

antler in the coin collection?

looking out of the museum ...I love this pattern these make!

KK! that's me.. to some people..