Sunday, July 19

half an hour til I set off for home!

I'm so excited! I went to sleep this evening at 8pm and woke up at 1am.. the only alarm I had was on my phone from home & I wasn't sure the alarm would work, but I magically woke up right before 1am & then my alarm went off! I guess I'm just that excited & ready to come home (well I love Vienna and I've loved this trip... but I am loving Zach more and can't wait to see him!)! So, for the past 3 hours or so I have been talking to Zach, finishing packing, getting ready & figuring out for sure how to get to the airport. My flight leaves at 7:25am & I should be there an hour and a half before (at 6am). The tram in front of my dorm doesn't start until 5:30am, so I am either taking a taxi or walking to Kagraner Platz to catch the Ubahn at 4:58am.. then catch the CAT train to the airport at 5:38 am, which only takes 16mins & ta-da! I will be at the airport by 6am! Right now I am just killing time until I leave my dorm to walk/find a taxi.. I might end up taking a taxi all the way to Landstrasse (where the CAT is) if it isn't too expensive. I have right at 20Euro on me and I need 9Euro for the CAT. ahhh I'm excited!!

For my last day here in Vienna I went and gave Holger (my instructor) the phone back I borrowed from him, went to the market and went and saw the show:
Das Porträt. Fotografie als Bühne ("The Portrait. Photography as a Stage.")
Von Robert Mapplethorpe bis Nan Goldin ("from Mapplethorpe to Goldin")
at Kunsthalle... it was a really great show.. I got to see a lot of the photographers I am interested in, especially Nan Goldin & Sally Mann. The show dealt with the conceptual nature of portrait photography in contemporary art since the 1980s.
At the Naschmart I bought some gifts for you all!! :) I'm very excited about my purchases! It was rainy all day today, I mean storming pretty bad & only about 60degrees, so it wasn't the best day for going around to sites, but it was a good day to end on I think.. the rain let me be a little lazy & not worry about trying to get around to stuff I hadn't seen yet.

above: the work of Sally Mann

Ok! now after writing this post, it's only 15 minutes til I set out on my journey! See you all soon! love!