Saturday, June 20

Just a lovely afternoon! Vienna!

sooo here are some pics from my adventure on Wednesday. I spent the afternoon tracking down an Apple store, going to the post office, (going the wrong way but finding the pretty Donau Kanal on the way), and then exploring the "Innere Stadt" by myself.. finding some reallly cool sites I wanted to see.. design/architecture stuff that my friends here had no idea what they are. It was actually really relaxing and amazing to just be in such a beautiful and historically-rich place and just see what you find! My camera batteries were dying so there aren't too many pictures, but I am going to continue my trek maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain! (note: it did rain.. it's been raining for two days! )

Donau Kanal

Ran across the Donau Kanal here when I was trying to find the Apple store.. really pretty area with a a beach(although people don't actually swim in the canal), bike paths, etc.


I'm in love with this bar, not just because it is called "American Bar," but because of the beautiful design concepts behind it. When Loos created this bar, he was at a point where he was very against "ornamentation," think Art Nouveu. & began to prefer simple, quality materials.

"This small bar, just off the Kärntner Strasse in central Vienna, show Loos' combination of simple, unadorned forms with opulent materials and fine, simple detailing to give a modern, rich impression."

"Mirrors covering the whole width of the wall above the bar, and the parallel wall opposite, mulitplies the apparent size of the small room, giving the image of an array of seaminlgy freestanding columns."

I'm saving going in for a drink until later! It will be a very special occasion!

Speaking of an American Bar:

Adolf Loos Public Toilets (Loos' Loos!)

I was sooo excited to see these & then soo excited when I found them! They are in Jugenstil (Art Nouveau) style & are beautiful! (I had to buy 50cents to use them though.. which is actually pretty common here for WCs.)

The lady guarding the WC

In the stall.. what great design!

Statues & Churches

1.(left) Michaelerkirch 2.(right) Monument to Emperor Franz

1.(left) Glittery Stephansdom 2.(right) Monument to Prince Eugene of Savoy... makes me think of "Im the barber of Seville!"

Volksgarten ...we're painting the roses red!

Volksgarten is a rose garden north of the MuseumsQuartier & beyond the Hofburg Palace. It smells beautiful.. it was such a pretty place to be! The image directly above is from in the Volksgarten, looking toward the Burgtheater.

Burgtheater & the Rathaus (city hall)

Thursday, June 18

Thursday afternoon..

I had book arts again today. Really tired because yesterday I: went on an adventure to find a Mac store so I could buy an adapter, went to the post office near there, walked all around the Innere Stadt for about 3 hours (beautiful pictures up tonight), met some people at Starbucks, went to a barbeque in Grenzing (a nice area in the hills that overlooks Vienna) & went to Flannagans & 1516 (bars off Karlsplatz).
Today we did Japanese or Stab 4-hole binding, coptic binding & "secret belgium" binding. Pretty cool stuff... I learned how to make the coptic binding I do on my graphic design portfolio much cleaner & precise. This evening: a nap!

Wednesday, June 17

...more of the Jewish Memorial (because it's beautiful!)

Books I made in Book Arts class Tuesday!


and open.

Daytime pictures of my housing

Webster University Vienna & Thomas K Lang Gallery

Thomas K. Lang Gallery
The head of our art department in St. Louis (who is teaching my class here in Vienna) has a gallery in the Webster University Vienna campus named after him.. how funny!

...things around Wien

A model of the Innere Stadt w/ Stephansdom & inside the U-Bahn

sign for a play about Josephine Baker (from East St. Louis)
& gelato!! at Zanoni & Zanoni.. (the guy there made fun of how I said "Tiramisu" )