Sunday, December 20

How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul

My "little" brother Brock just went to the NAIA National Football Championship in Rome, GA w/ Lindenwood University. So, of course my whole family traveled in the mini van through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee - a total of eight hours from St. Louis. During that time {mostly at night with my sister's booklights} I read Adrian Shaughnessy's How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul. Amazing book! I feel that his views on the realm of graphic designer & how we approach it is very align what I have been taught & most importantly how I feel - perhaps because this book was chosen for my senior class with Noriko. I'm glad I didn't read it then, though, because the words in it are hitting me now at a time when I really need them. I'm an underliner.. but I also like to share what I have read with people so here are some relevant tid-bits:

•Cultural awareness is vital for the modern designer, and most designers are culturally aware people. It's why designers are often witty with a sophisticated sense of humor (we shouldn't be surprised at this: designers are observers, and the best humor comes from microscopic observation).

•...designers must not let technological capabilities define their thinking

• All great work comes about when viewpoints are balanced; in other words, when both client & designer feel that they are being listened to...

• is a social activity, with social consequences.

•••more to come soon