Saturday, June 27

Saturday afternoon..

Yesterday after class, we watched 3 episodes of South Park in the room & then I went with Morgen & Yu to meet up with Sarah & their Russian friends. (actually they are from Moldova.. one of the smallest & the poorest country in Europe..) We hung out in the MuseumsQuartier and walked around the City Center.

Friday, June 26

the Tamara store! I think nail & tanning salon?

Book Arts final

My two-week class, "Book Arts" came to an end today. We had a little final presentation/mini exhibition of all the books we have completed these past 2 weeks. We had eight art students from Webster St. Louis, 5 german-speaking students (I saw that because I don't know which ones were exactly Austrian.. maybe none?) & one Romanian (who attend the Webster Vienna campus). by the way, Romanian sounds much more pleasant than German! So here are our books:

Working on my 'final project'...

All my books.. 'final project' didn't really get finished because it wasn't working how I wanted it to...

Some others' books




my roommate Rebecca's

Thursday, June 25

I miss you Zach! exactly 3 more weeks on Sunday!

:D really! only 3 more weeks! I love you!

it's Zach the cabbage patch doll! It is definitely what you look like with your mohawk baby!

Dinner w/ the St. Louis Art kids at Stiegl microbrewery

rainy walk to the restaurant

menu in German.. of course....

Amdudler.. is really great it's like a lemonade-sprite mixture/cream soda..

yes, I had a Wiener-Schnitzel! this one was veal.. so good!

everyone's food.. pretzel, 'house sausage', pasta, spare ribs..

Gail got this white sausage... you had to pop it out of its skin
really good actually!

potato salad!

the vats where our tasty beer came from...

awesome bathroom

inside the brewery/restaurant

big slugs everywhere at the dorm after all this rain! & my breakfast.. thought I'd switch to health cereal after the gross wanna-be cinnamon toast crunch coated in sugar... but I didn't like this healthy stuff!

Stephansdom in the rain! view I hadn't seen before

Tuesday, June 23

2 weeks in! (that means only 3 more weeks, baby!)

Like I said, it's been raining for days here. Friday, rainy. I got drenched while trying to continue my exploration of the City Center. Saturday, rain. Sunday, well it was ok Sunday while we were at the Park.. all day yesterday, rain. SO finally last night I bought an umbrella for 6Euro at H&M (which by the way is where EVERYONE shops here.. even old men and little boys) Oh and it's cold here too! Below is what I wore today to school.. (a tanktop, a shirt, a hoodie jacket, a heavier blazer & a scarf! can you imagine, you people in 90degree weather!) and I was still cold! (it's seriously about 50here!) Ok really, guys, I'm really complaining, I mostly just find it funny how bad I want to be home in hot, balmy-almost July weather!

See all my clothes! this is not cool!

....and witness-protection-program! ...or maybe just 1940s movie star!

oh rain.

Book I made today.. single-stitch binding

10Euro book.. be had a 10euro budget.. but instead I made my book include an interpretation of what 10euro can get you. So far I only have 3 done. book 1: an internet connection, a coke, a beer, a bag of chips & a sanwich. book 2: an umbrella and a Durum book 3: a hamburger at 1516. (All of which add up to 10Euro.) While coming up with these idea I was thinking how Dad used to illustrate money to me when I was little by saying how many Barbies any toy I wanted was worth! show me the value of a unit of money I suppose
You probably can't see it.. but on the book above is an illustration I drew of my Durum that was sooo good!

me after two weeks in Vienna!

calendar from Zach! 24 days left baby!

my room after having been lived in for two weeks.. yeah that's right I have bread, cereal, and bag of chip crumbs left.. oh! and chocolate! and all my dirty laundry is under my bed.. it flips up! I think I'm going to do laundry tonight!'s too rainy to do much else

Books I made last Thursday in class! japanese stab binding & coptic

ps. Europeans have weird toilets.
and weird lightswitchs.
and weird plugs.

Sunday night, Monday & Tuesday

Sunday after all the rollercoaster-ridin we went out for Chinese at this place we found Thursday night.. repeat customers! There was a buffet going for 6Euro.. soo good, what a deal! I found something fried (I think it was chicken) that almost was as good as crab rangoon.. (which I was craving soo bad, but apparently it is an American thing, not Chinese!) ........... We came back to the dorm and watched 3 episodes of South Park on my computer.. it's the first time I have watched tv in 2 weeks! very relaxing!
Yesterday, Monday, I went up to school and worked all afternoon on my book project that was due today. ...went with Annie to the mall to get supplies for her book, bought an umbrella because it is still raining! and she introduced me to the magic of Durum. It's a huge tortilla filled with all kinds of goodness... shawarma (it's a middle-eastern thing.. chicken roasted on a spit & sliced off in tasty morsels) & lettuce, onions, tomatoes, sauce & spices.. soo good! then yesterday evening I worked more on my book project & chatted with Zach on Skype! my sweetybaby! :)
Today we had class (as it is Tuesday) & I just got back from it. It has been raining for days here & it's chillly!!
(see above post for photos)

Chinese buffet & Webster U Students!

Lost in translation?

boys with the chick...... Robert doesn't want his picture taken!

Being all sassafras with the Webster U posters!

my roommate Rebecca

me, Rebecca, Robert

Our Chinese place!! {moli, moli!}