Thursday, August 26

Update on my life!

So if anyone cares - wow I haven't blogged in nearly a year! (Although I've been very busy on Facebook & forraying into Twitter) - here is an update:
Living in Kirkwood with the amazing Zach Brennecke, 2 dogs (a black lab & a pocket beagle) & our kitty(he's the black sheep, we mostly taunt him while he sulks around).
Zach is Kitchen Manager at The Wood in Maplewood (2733 Sutton by Saratoga Lanes) - great food & other than that my favorite part is the atmosphere - half lounge, half friendly neighborhood, fairly cheap bar.
I am doing lots of stuff right now - and loving it! I started doing some modeling for Miss Ohio Vintage - ( & I'm hoping to get more gigs from it! Throwback STL was a success this past Saturday & tons of fun! Also, I just finished the design for the official afterparty of LouFest! ( & will be doing promo modeling at the event this coming Sunday! Oh, and helped man the booth for them at Art in the Avenue this past Thursday, very cool new venture every third Thursday of the month in Clayton.
This week I started interning at Belas Artes Art Gallery & Multicultural Center ( - working hard on materials for upcoming exhibitions! such as CHESS: A Cross-Cultural Journey Through Time. (The first installment of a 5-part exhibition put together by Belas Artes in collaboration with Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.) Right now I am working on a large map & panels for the exhibition! It's like my dream job! :)
Currently supporting myself money-wise by still working at Hwy 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen (as bartender, server, assistant floor manager (I can do coupons in the computer. That's all the responsibility I want.) & designer). Also, I work days at Mr. B's on The Hill - GREAT food! & a really cute place - I wish the money was better because I really enjoy it!
Pretty much right now just enjoying meeting new people and finding new interesting opportunities! I also am always looking for a "stable" 9 - 5 full-time job, but right now I'm enjoying being busy and going in lots of directions! Projects in the works: new menu / logo maybe website for Mr. B's, David Meyer's(voice work genius) identity, hmmm lots of other stuff!! Let me know if YOU need anything! Photography, illustration, design, modeling! whatever! :)

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