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"Did you know Davidoff makes cigarettes?" Zach asked me and I said, yeah I saw them in Vienna & we both though it was weird the company we know from Cool Water (remember the perfume was huge when we were in middle school?) makes cigarettes. So, today I did some definitely marketing-related research on this riddle.

Here is the homepage that came up when I searched for "Davidoff Cigarettes"

According to this homepage, Zino Davidoff makes watches, leather goods, fragrances and coffee.

"It (Davidoff company) encompasses men's fragrances, ties, glasses, congac, humidors, and briefcases, but it is based upon cigars. To build a multi-million dollar business in the 20th century on a tobacco product is a truly remarkable achievement. Inspired by Zino Davidoff this companies products have become a must have for affluent men around the world."
Zino Davidoff:
"Zino Davidoff was a man with a sense for essentials, who understood enjoying the moment, and who made this enjoyment a philosophy. Since the beginning of the last century Zino Davidoff's philosophy has been recognized and greatly appreciated. It's the real things in life that make it worth living.

Zino Davidoff had a great sense of humour and a well-developed feeling for the beautiful things in life. An artist; who understood people, and respected them. Who never lost sight of his purpose; to enrich life through enjoying its good things.

Who even as a successful businessman remained true to himself and to his principles. Zino Davidoff believed in simplicity, in the complete enjoyment of life. People who knew Davidoff knew this. They came from all over the world to share his philosophy, to enjoy his finest, purest cigars. They understood what Zino Davidoff meant when he said: "Smoke less, but better and longer - make a cult of it, even a philosophy!"

Zino Davidoff (the flamboyant emigre from Kiev who made Havana cigars known around the world) passed away in 1994 at 87

Sues indian firm for using its trademark (2004):

Info from Wikipedia (take with a grain of salt.. but they had the most info on it):
•In August 2006, Imperial Tobacco acquired the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark from its owners, Tchibo Holding AG for £368 million (€540 million). Imperial Tobacco Group had been the licensee of the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark since its acquisition of Reemtsma in 2002. (Perhaps explains why just recently Davidoff cigarettes are being seen)
Article from Imperial Tobacco's website:
"As well as significantly enhancing our brand equity this acquisition provides greater flexibility to develop the brand, enabling us to increase investment and accelerate its international growth."
•The cigarette range includes the Magnum, Supreme, Classic, Mild, Lights, Magnum Lights, Slims, Ultra lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights, One and Gold.
•Rothmans, Benson & Hedges of Canada began importing Davidoff cigarettes for sale in the Canadian market in April 2007.
•The Oettinger Davidoff Group owns the worldwide Davidoff trademark for tobacco products other than cigarettes. Davidoff cigars continue to be produced in the Dominican Republic, under the direction of cigar blender Hendrik "Henke" Kelner.
Beyond tobacco products, Davidoff has expanded to include under its brand such items as pipes, and humidors.
It's just fascinating to me how much this company's products appear as separate entities to the consumer.. I could hardly believe what I thought was a perfume/cologne company decided to make cigarettes.. when come to find out, that's how it started. hmm..

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  1. Hi!
    Beeing e devoted Davidoff fan I saw your research about the brand! Thought I could perhabs clarify it for you, because it's actually quiet simple: There are 3 companies today using the Davidoff brand, one owning the brand for cigars, another one owning the brand for cigarettes and a third one owning the brand for luxury accessories (fragrances, eywear, leather goods, watches, pens, clothing, coffee, cognac, etc.). Mr Zino Davidoff himself started the tabacco company a long time ago and in the 80-ies he, togehter with others, started the luxury accessories company. So there are different brands and companies behind them and the name of the founder is the only thing they share (you can also see that they have different logos!)

    Hope this clarifies it to you, kind regards, Ben