Tuesday, August 25

Oh my Guinness!

The Art of Guiness
London's Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising joins in to celebrate Guinness' 250th anniversary with their current exhibition, "The Art of Guinness." Paying tribute to the legendary stout, the show simultaneously examines how the company remains so successful after all these years, Prominently featuring the work of John Gilroy (pictured below), whose use of zoo animals and the tagline "My Goodness, My Guinness" brought instant recognition to the beer and its advertisements, the exhibit will also include graphic designs by other commissioned artists like H.M. Bateman (pictured above) and Edward Ardizzone. From print advertisements and TV commercials to drink trays and beer coasters, the "Art of Guinness" makes for a lesson in advertising that's as fun as drinking the beer itself.
Funny thing, the Museum's web site isn't very well designed, nor is its logo.. & it is a brand museum? hmm.

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